Intro to the #CoreFormer


We’re so thrilled you are interested and ready to take your first class at CORE 704 ®. Don't be scared or nervous, the hardest part is signing up and walking through the door! Don't be overwhelmed, it takes us all two to three classes to get comfortable with the machine and the method but we guarantee you will start to see results immediately.

For safety and to ensure you are fully prepared we require you to arrive 5 minutes prior to your first class. Your coach can’t wait to greet you, get to know you and personally give you a demo of the machine and educate you about the method. Expect lots of personal attention through verbal communication and hands-on assistance to ensure proper form and to push you beyond your limits to create the strongest version of yourself. 

We do require sticky socks on the machine.  Feel free to bring your own or purchase a pair at the studio.


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